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hiya. sans th' skeleton here. my bro (a super cool guy) thought i should make a blog: interact with more folks. didn't really think much on it 'til i got off my shift at the hot dog stand (that hotdog stand. yeah. y'know the one.) so. here i am. take a gander if y'want, kid. it's all on your account.

  • jan 12th, 12:00pm - good news: i've acquired the ketchup. tv's still wonky, but i'm sure i'll get to that soon (probably). time for a nap.
  • jan 12th, 11:34pm - let's start off simple, yeah? tv's on the fritz. out of ketchup. think i might die soon, honestly. stars. hard to ketchup on work when i'm runnin' on nothin' but 16 hrs of sleep. trying to relish the drowsiness. it's alright tho. i'm bouta' mustard up some courage to head out to the store. wish me luck, undernet.

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